Internet Marketing Certificate Series: Details

The certificate program comprises 4 core, plus a choice of 2 of 5 available elective courses: 6
courses totaling 110 class hours, average:

Core (4):

  • WordPress – Basic
  • Search Engine Optimization for Small Business – Basic
  • Internet Marketing Using Google AdWords
  • Business Intelligence Using Google Analytics

Electives (2):

  • Social Media Networking Technologies
  • Internet Marketing Technologies
  • Search Engine Optimization for Small Business – Advanced
  • Web Design Principles
  • Joomla! Website Development

Core courses provide exposure to essentials, and elective courses allow students to choose
areas of specialization. All courses provide practical “hands on” experience in the classroom;
none are “online” courses.

The program requires completing the 4 core and 2 elective courses with a minimum of 90%
attendance. Students register for individual courses and submit transcripts showing completion
of required courses to obtain the certificate; there is no separate registration process for the
program. Other than consideration of course prerequisites, there is no requirement for taking
courses in any particular order.

Enrollment in core courses is open to anyone familiar with using the Internet. The total cost of
the certificate program, depending on selection of elective courses, is about $1,000 plus
textbooks. Courses are scheduled such that completion of the program is generally possible
within two semesters, e.g., spring, summer.

View course and textbook information at:

Click “schedule” link at top of syllabi listing pages to view current course offerings.

Register by calling 972-985-3711, specifying the 5-digit course registration number (CRN).